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mini-comic: we’re tired

Yes­ter­day John, Jenna, and I went on a field trip to Ft. Collins to have brunch at the Rain­bow Cafe and visit the Alley Cat. At the Alley Cat we all got so, so sleepy and I was wor­ried I would pass out in a food coma in the booth. I decided to make a lit­tle mini-comic about it in my mole­sk­ine (co-written with J & J).

Later we went to see Prometheus in Love­land (I give it a B-) and when the movie let out it was rain­ing intensely. It turned out the high­way was flooded and we ended up hav­ing to drive back to Erie on County Road 1.

All in all I real­ize this is not a super excit­ing story, but hey! We were tired! It was fun!

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My mom is copy­ing old recipes and she found this on the back of some­thing for bran muffins. I was quite the polite child. And look at the hand­writ­ing! I can’t even write in cur­sive this well now…

Posted: December 26th, 2011
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Today con­sisted of gar­den­ing, going to a farm stand a few miles away and buy­ing spring greens and straw­ber­ries on the honor sys­tem, dri­ving around farm land, eat­ing local greens on the back porch while Mr. Kitty lounged and looked pleased, and some more gar­den­ing. All the while, a back­drop of amaz­ing bil­lowy clouds set off the snow­caps still show­ing on the moun­tains to the west. Erie is pretty good place to live…

Billowy clouds hanging to the west of the Erie farmland:

Posted: June 5th, 2010
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Mini Juice Fast/Feast 2010: Day 2

Sun­day, 12pm:
Same juice from yes­ter­day after­noon but with more granny smith apple and gin­ger and some flax oil
Linds’s ver­dict: “way bet­ter than yes­ter­day“
John’s ver­dict: “tastes the same”, “you’re just hungrier”

Sun­day, 5pm:
Same home­made almond milk from yes­ter­day after­noon but with more dates
Linds’s ver­dict: “sooooo good“
John’s ver­dict: “it’s good”, “it’s delicious”

Sun­day, 9:30pm:
1/2 bunch pars­ley
3 sticks of cel­ery
1 cucum­ber
1 red bell pep­per
1 granny smith apple
Linds’s ver­dict: “pretty excel­lent, actu­ally“
John’s ver­dict: “I don’t know about excel­lent but it tastes like veg­etable juice”

I think we will do apple/beet/carrot juice in the morn­ing and then be done with it!

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Mini Juice Fast/Feast 2010: Day 1

Sat­ur­day, 10am:
4 Tan­ger­ines (blended)
2 Beets (juiced)
Linds’s ver­dict: “yummy“
John’s ver­dict: “tastes like dirty beets with a lit­tle bit of orange juice”, “liked it”

Sat­ur­day, 2pm:
4 car­rots
1 fuji apple
1/2 granny smith apple
1/2 lemon
1/2 bunch lac­into kale
1/4 cab­bage
bunch of fresh gin­ger
Linds’s ver­dict:
“meh”, “too much of some­thing I can’t iden­tify“
John’s ver­dict: “noth­ing awe­some about it but not terrible”

Sat­ur­day, 6:30pm:
Almond milk made with this recipe
1 banana
3 date
Some flax oil
Linds’s ver­dict:
“this is awe­some and we should make it all the time“
John’s ver­dict: “I like it“
Linds’s ver­dict at 11pm: “I’m hungry”

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Best of 2009 #26: Aha! Moment

Best of 2009 #16: Tea.

One of my favorite things to do when we used to visit Jenna in FoCo was to go to the Alley Cat and dis­cuss philo­soph­i­cal zom­bies over a pot of Lap­sang Sou­chong. It smells like camp­fires, mmmmm. She got me some for Christ­mas last year, and it lasted half the year. I think need me some more tea and some more Jenna, stat.

Posted: December 16th, 2009
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Best of 2009 #15: Packaging

Any­one knows that the best pack­ag­ing is no packaging…

Or nature’s packaging…

Or these:

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Best of 2009 #12: New food.

Before the sum­mer of 2008, my expe­ri­ences with kale were lim­ited to a stir­fry that my friend made in col­lege and see­ing the crazy kale peo­ple come thru the line when I worked at Vit­a­min Cot­tage. So when I started get­ting a bunch of kale in my farmshare box last sum­mer, I didn’t know what to do with it. I used it as a replace­ment for spinach in my favorite VWAV recipe, I tried it in Indian food, and ulti­mately I had so much of it that I took to hid­ing it in pasta sauce. By the end of the sum­mer I begged my farm to let me replace the kale in my weekly pick­ups with chard. I never wanted to eat kale again.

This year was some­what dif­fer­ent. John implored me to destem the kale and to cut it into smaller strips (!!), and he also put gar­lic in it. Sud­denly, I was in love. Now I get weird crav­ings for kale, and it has become a sta­ple on our menu.


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Best of 2009 #2: Restaurant Experience.

For my 30th birth­day in Novem­ber, J took me to Tru in Chicago for the most mem­o­rable meal of my life. I don’t have any pic­tures of that night, but suf­fice to say that it was true expe­ri­ence design from start to finish.

I am going to keep the details and magic of this meal between J and I, but check out this menu:


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