Best of 2009 #4: book

Me: OK, we’re going to med­i­tate now. Let’s draw our atten­tion to the breath and focus on the mantra. Om Namah Shiv­aya. Om Namah Shiv

Mind: “I can help you out with this, you know!

Me: OK, good, because I need your help. Let’s go. Om Namah Shiv­aya. Om Namah Shiv

Mind: I can help you think of nice med­i­ta­tive images. Like — hey, here’s a good one. Imag­ine you are a tem­ple. A tem­ple on an island. And the island is in the ocean!

Me: Oh, that is a nice image.

Mind: Thanks, I thought of it myself…

Me: OK, but let’s MEDITATE now, please? Om Namah Shiv

Mind: Right! I def­i­nitely want to help you med­i­tate! And that’s why we’re going to skip the image of an island on an ocean because that’s obvi­ously not work­ing. So let’s imag­ine that you are an island in… a river!

Me: Wait, I thought you said I was a temple…

Mind: That’s right, sorry. You’re a tem­ple on an island. In fact, you are both the tem­ple and the island.

Me: Am I also the river?

Mind: No, the river is just the thoughts.

Me: Stop! Please stop! YOURE MAKING ME CRAZY!!!

Mind (wounded): Sorry. I was only try­ing to help.

Me: Om Namah Shiv­aya. Om Namah Shiv­aya. Om Namah Shivaya.

(Here there is a promis­ing eight-second pause in thoughts. But then–

Mind: Are you mad at me now?

Eat, Pray, Love by Eliz­a­beth Gilbert

(…this book just res­onated down to the tips of my toes…)

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