Awkwardly Beautifully Young (gpoy)

Ear­li­er today my friend K post­ed a cou­ple of scanned pho­tos of me from high school on Face­book. I feel like I’m just now able to come to terms with the awk­ward young per­son I was… And so I scanned a few of my own.

I used to cringe about my super androg­y­nous phase. Truth­ful­ly, I think it’s just because it also hap­pens to coin­cide with a time in my life where I was­n’t always very hap­py. Many of these pho­tos rep­re­sent good times, tho, espe­cial­ly the ones in Ice­land and in Mel­bourne. I think I was actu­al­ly a pret­ty cute lit­tle boi­girl most of the time and I made it thru teenage and young adult­hood with­out being sucked into the fem­me­beau­ty­con­sumer­ma­chine, which is kind of neat.

Self Por­trait, 2000.


Elven blur­ry chil­dren, 1997.


Red Rocks, 1999 or 2000ish.


Ice­land horse trekking, 1999.


Mel­bourne, 1996.


Band pho­to shoot, 2001. We are try­ing to look very seri­ous here but if I scanned the out­takes (which you could not pay me a mil­lion dol­lars to do!) you could see how much we were goof­ing around.


Posted: July 16th, 2012
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Comment from Joan­na Moore - July 22, 2012 at 3:55 pm

My fav is the Ice­land trekking pic­ture. It is gor­geous.