A new kind of plane

Some­times I have really crazy dreams, and my dream last night was super-duper extra blog-worthy.

I was com­ing back from Boston with my mom, and she wasn’t pay­ing atten­tion to when we needed to be there, so we got to the gate at 3:10 for a 3:05 flight. But they were wait­ing for us and call­ing my name and we got on board. Then my mom wasn’t there any­more but John was.

The plane was a spe­cial new model of plane made by a com­pany called SPI or some­thing like that. It was amaz­ing! You walked in and there was a gar­den patio area with foun­tains and a bunch of peo­ple loung­ing by the pool and hot tub. Then when you walked fur­ther in you were in an area with white plas­tic the­ater seat­ing, and neon lights above your head. There was a plas­tic bench area behind me where I could throw my bag. The flight was really empty and there was another cou­ple near us but they went to walk around so we had it all to ourselves.

Then John went explor­ing. As you walked fur­ther back into the plane, it started to sim­u­late nature and there was a wooded area with a path. Then it started to snow (fake snow) which was really cool. We went back to our seats and decided to watch out the win­dows for a while — the plane had big pic­ture win­dow sides made of glass so you had quite the view. All of a sud­den we were fly­ing through the grand canyon, and the canyon walls were TY*5tttttt <– Muriel typed that right there in front of me!

Toward the end of the flight we lined up in this amuse­ment park kind of line with rail­ings. This part is hard to describe but the rail­ings were one way, and then they mor­phed to another shape (the shape of rail­ings for the Den­ver ligh­trail ??) to sig­nal that we were land­ing in Den­ver. Then as we were get­ting off the plane the rail­ings started to col­lect snow, and as you put your hand on them the snow would melt away, but it was all fake because the rail­ings were made of video screens.

I think Boe­ing and Air­bus need to take note of their new com­pe­ti­tion in air­plane design.

There was some other stuff such as set­ting up an office in a big suite at a fancy hotel and we were mov­ing all the art around (sculp­tures of Bud­dha and Santa and cow­boys) and some­thing broke and we were going to get charged a room ser­vice fee, which Car­rie would have objected to on my expense report. also we were in Florida try­ing to get to the Hal­loween PCP at New Col­lege but we kept get­ting dis­tracted and it was very late and we were going to miss the dance party.

The end.

Posted: August 13th, 2011
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Comment from Joanna Moore - August 14, 2011 at 10:20 am

You are clearly trav­el­ing far too often.