i made a zine

yep, i did.

the last time i did some­thing of the sort i was 15 and i made it with a kid named MK who was some­body i met from the aol punk mes­sage boards and my screen­name was oran­gesid and i am pret­ty sure i wrote about the pro­pa­gand­hi riot at the VFW (that i did­n’t “get” to go to).

so then fast-for­ward many years and i am a design­er by pro­fes­sion and let me tell you how chal­leng­ing lib­er­at­ing it was not to get sucked into doing this thing on the com­put­er. cos at one point i was try­ing to pick out what font i was going to use and a lit­tle voice at the back of my head told me “no, no, no you are miss­ing the point entire­ly.” and so i picked up some tape and a mark­er and 3 months lat­er once i was done pro­cras­ti­nat­ing less busy with work i final­ly had 26 pages to scan on my copy­ma­chineprint­erthing. and oh did you remem­ber that when you make real phys­i­cal print­ed things the pages need to be in mul­ti­ples of four? ha ha, yeah, that’s embarass­ing. so i added two more pages.

so, here it is. issue one of my zine called ‘animal/people’. the theme is love & loss and in it i process a bit about los­ing mr. kit­ty and oth­er things. there are some great con­tri­bu­tions by colleen, jen­na, and heather. and i am real­ly proud of it.

if you would like a copy, then please harken back to the way zines worked last time i did them and send an SASE and $1 to… wait, i am not going to post my address on the inter­net. i won­der how much P.O. box­es cost?

so, just email me at linds­dot­moore­atmedot­com (you know the drill with the dots and stuff) and i will send you some snailzine­mail. and if you would have sent me a dol­lar in the mail maybe you could donate it to the boul­der humane soci­ety instead. thank you lovelies.


Posted: July 17th, 2011
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Comment from puck - July 24, 2011 at 9:02 pm

send one to nattttt.

because then i can read it?


Comment from linds_e - July 25, 2011 at 1:38 am

yes, that is def­i­nite­ly a good idea!