Everyone calls someplace home.

Every­one is from some­place. Every­one lives some­place. Every­one calls some­place home.

The oth­er day I was talk­ing to some­one who had moved to Den­ver from Min­neso­ta 2 years ago (I took note because I am also from Min­neso­ta. If you could hear me say that word you could tell). He was explain­ing that he knew he want­ed to move some­place less cold, with lib­er­al pol­i­tics and good schools for his chil­dren. He took an online sur­vey that was sup­posed to let you know where you should live and his match­es were Den­ver, Austin, Nashville, Min­neapo­lis, and Cincin­nati.

Cincin­nati??” I said. “Who wants to live in Cincin­nati?”

Do you know any­thing about Cincin­nati?” he respond­ed, point­ed­ly.

Tonight at din­ner, my grand­pa men­tioned how much he likes Col­orado and that is a very nice place to be. He moved here two years ago, when my grand­ma passed away.

You like where ever you live,” my mom respond­ed.

I think my grand­pa is wise.

I went to col­lege in Flori­da, which is about as far as you can get from Col­orado in terms of cul­ture and weath­er. For the first 2 years, I felt like I was dri­ving around with blind­ers on because I had no periph­er­al vision due to the flat­ness and trees. I also found out that I am aller­gic to fire­ants. I spent 4 years lament­ing about how Col­orado was so great and about how much I missed it and about how peo­ple from the east coast _just did­n’t understand_ what it was like to live in the West. I think back now and know that this must have been so tir­ing to the peo­ple around me.

Last week, J and I went to Flori­da to see our super­greata­maz­ing friends. We spent a mag­i­cal week doing chill chill chill. We also saw amaz­ing birds, ani­mals, and plants, ate beer-bat­tered hot­dogs on the key, sun­burnt our­selves at the beach, had boat drinks in the tourist quar­ter, breathed at yoga, and watched good local music. Spend­ing time with them makes me love Flori­da. Spend­ing time with them makes Flori­da feel like a sec­ond home.

Every­one calls some­place home. Whether it changes 20 times or whether you stay root­ed for your life, every­one has their rea­sons for where they land, where they leave their hearts, and where they want to be. Den­ver. Sara­so­ta. Tai­wan. San­ta Bar­bara. Brook­lyn. Maui. Mani­la. Chica­go. Alas­ka.

Even Cincin­nati.

Posted: April 4th, 2010
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