Best of 2009 #2: Restaurant Experience.

For my 30th birth­day in Novem­ber, J took me to Tru in Chicago for the most mem­o­rable meal of my life. I don’t have any pic­tures of that night, but suf­fice to say that it was true expe­ri­ence design from start to finish.

I am going to keep the details and magic of this meal between J and I, but check out this menu:

  • The Pre­lude: Lemon drop mar­tini while we waited for our table
  • Amuse-bouche #1: cau­li­flower jelleee with salted roe of some sort and orange peel
  • Amuse-bouche #1: tomato water shot with sweet 100 tomato skewer and micro basil
  • First course: smoked stur­geon “caviar” with avo­cado and hazel­nut crack­ers — this was salty stur­geon syringed into cold olive oil to make lit­tle bubbles
  • On the side: brioche and fen­nel crack­ers with 2 kinds of butter
  • Sec­ond course: eng­lish pea soup in a tea cup with crispy bacon profiterole
  • Third course: gnoc­chi with veal glaze and lacy thing made out of crispy fat
  • Fourth course: miso sable (black cod) with kale
  • Fifth course: prime beef rib­eye with grilled fois-gras and chanterelles
  • Time to cleanse: meyer lemon puff with tapi­oca — the coun­ter­point to the “caviar”
  • Dessert #1: port poached quince with caramel and a cookie and a glassy sugar piece with black pepper
  • Dessert #2: decon­structed choco­late bar with caramel and tem­pered choco­late and hon­ey­comb crunch
  • Dessert #3: dessert cart of won­der­ful­ness with a house-made peach marsh­mal­low and a macaroon
  • With the check: laven­der choco­late explod­ing truffle
  • On the way out: choco­lates and a pineap­ple right-side-up cake to take home

Pretty amaz­ing.

Posted: December 2nd, 2009
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