Mini Juice Fast/Feast 2010: Day 2

Sun­day, 12pm:
Same juice from yes­ter­day after­noon but with more granny smith apple and gin­ger and some flax oil
Linds’s ver­dict: “way bet­ter than yes­ter­day“
John’s ver­dict: “tastes the same”, “you’re just hungrier”

Sun­day, 5pm:
Same home­made almond milk from yes­ter­day after­noon but with more dates
Linds’s ver­dict: “sooooo good“
John’s ver­dict: “it’s good”, “it’s delicious”

Sun­day, 9:30pm:
1/2 bunch pars­ley
3 sticks of cel­ery
1 cucum­ber
1 red bell pep­per
1 granny smith apple
Linds’s ver­dict: “pretty excel­lent, actu­ally“
John’s ver­dict: “I don’t know about excel­lent but it tastes like veg­etable juice”

I think we will do apple/beet/carrot juice in the morn­ing and then be done with it!

Posted: January 3rd, 2010
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