Best of 2009 #31: Resolution[less]

I’m not much for res­o­lu­tions, which always seem to have have a funny way of turn­ing into let­downs when cir­cum­stances (or more often inter­ests) change your abil­ity (or desire) to meet them.

In 2009 I turned 30, and I for­mally set goals for the first time in many years. Right now they are taped up in a note­book for me to read some­day in the future. I will prob­a­bly have met some of them, be work­ing on oth­ers, and some of them won’t res­onate the same way they did when I wrote them down so I’ll leave those behind. I have started ver­bal­iz­ing some of my dreams and have left oth­ers unspo­ken. The impor­tant thing is to sim­ply have them.

Now, bring on 2010!!

Posted: December 31st, 2009
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