Best of 2009 #23: Web Tool/App.

I am a web designer and I am pretty sad that I haven’t been amaz­ingly impressed by any new web tools this year. How­ever, this has def­i­nitely been the Year of the iPhone, and I *do* have a hand­ful of useful/fun/utilitarian apps that will make my “best of” list.

  1. Twit­terific. I totally had a debate with my boss about this the other day, and I real­ize that Twit­terific doesn’t have the most ele­gant inter­face and isn’t the cool designer-y app any­more. How­ever, there are a few fea­tures that make Twit­terific my go-to app for the iPhone. It buzzes/makes a birdy sound to let you know that your tweets have finally loaded over AT&T’s slow-ass con­nec­tion. It shows the time­stamps of all unread tweets in orange, which is really help­ful for find­ing your place as you read. Refresh­ing doesn’t jump you around to a dif­fer­ent spot in your stream. My own tweets and @-mentions are in the same stream with the peo­ple I fol­low and are con­ve­niently color-coded (also help­ful for way-finding). I can change an @-reply to a reg­u­lar tweet if I want, mid­way through. And it has a dark back­ground, which is good because I am most likely using the app in the morn­ing from bed, and my eyes get watery when I look at a bright screen that early. If only I could set up image post­ing via Flickr like I can with Tweetie… Can I stop say­ing these ridicu­lous “T” words now?
  2. Mail. Okay, so this is just a stan­dard app, but it really changed the way I com­mu­ni­cate this year. I def­i­nitely write more per­sonal emails from my phone than from my computer.
  3. Cam­er­abag. Instant Helga-ization of my iPhone pho­tos and other fil­ter effects. This app makes the demise of Polaroid a lit­tle more tol­er­a­ble because I can make cool look­ing almost-instant pho­tos with some­thing I carry around in my pocket.
  4. Tilt­Shift­Gen. Not as good as the real thing, but pretty awe­some. This guy does an espe­cially good job with it. Toy cam­eras will take over the world!
  5. Wik­i­Tap. Wikipedia at your fin­ger­tips, and pretty good for free. Solves many car and din­ner table ques­tions and arguements.
  6. NBA Game Time. For the bas­ket­ball sta­tis­ti­cian (nerd) in me.
  7. Word­Press. I haven’t used this a whole bunch yet, but I love the idea that I can blog from my phone.
  8. Flickr. A good com­ple­ment to the above cam­era apps.
  9. I Can Has Cheezburger. John and I’s favorite app ever because kit­tehs are funny and I will never grow tired of look­ing at them. :D
Posted: December 23rd, 2009
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