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In the spring and fall, the climb­ing rose bush­es in our back yard put out bloom after bloom. This year, the cool weath­er and con­sci­en­tious water­ing by John helped make for a boun­ti­ful crop. This was notable because I killed at least one bush by trim­ming it back way too far at the begin­ing of the sea­son.

When the blos­soms start­ed to open up too far, we decid­ed to extend our enjoy­ment of the flow­ers by pick­ing the best buds and plac­ing them around our house in tiny bud vas­es. One by one, the ros­es passed on, first becom­ing dried red crum­ples atop brit­tle branch­es, and even­tu­al­ly sucumb­ing to a black, spi­dery mold that filled the neck of each glass.

That is, except for one spe­cial rose. Despite all odds, this lit­tle plant keeps hang­ing on, send­ing its roots out into the water below and push­ing its green stem up towards the light.

I am remind­ed that, like friend­ships, most plants require a lit­tle more care than this rose, which seems con­tent to sit above my fire­place in a vase.

This week, one of my dear­est friends of the last 15ish years is mov­ing far away. Anoth­er friend did the same the same this past fall. And yet anoth­er is think­ing about mov­ing on in the next few months. When things like this hap­pen, it is easy to think that the friend­ship will be okay on a shelf with the occa­sion­al drink of water and a kind word or two. Or that every­thing will mag­i­cal­ly come back the same when you see them next sea­son. The real­i­ty is that while great friend­ships aren’t demand­ing, they do need a lit­tle more care than they let on.

I am hop­ing that my super life-lov­ing rose will stick around for a while as a reminder to tend to and cul­ti­vate my rela­tion­ships both near and far.

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in which i try to embarass my self and my friends

My Life, 1979 — col­lege-ish.

(This is a work in progress. Enjoy, laugh, and point fin­gers.)

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I’ve been lis­ten­ing to some SARK audio bits where she talks about micro-move­ments. Today my micro-move­ment was 5 min­utes on my loom, which I pre­fer to call my weav­ing machine. Look at my progress!

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One Little Word: Unfold

If 2009 was a year where I was sur­round­ed with peo­ple hun­ker­ing down, per­se­ver­ing, and mak­ing it thru, then I here­by declare that my word for 2010 will be Unfold.

Unfold­ing is some­thing that can hap­pen phys­i­cal­ly, men­tal­ly, and spir­i­tu­al­ly*.

I look for­ward to good things unfold­ing on this year’s hori­zon.

*fun­ny for me to men­tion since I comfortably/firmly an agnos­tic and don’t real­ly care for that word, but it is appro­pri­ate as relat­ed to good soul­ful yoga liv­ing. Kin­da like a sec­u­lar ver­sion of adhy­at­ma vikasa.

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Mini Juice Fast/Feast 2010: Day 2

Sun­day, 12pm:
Same juice from yes­ter­day after­noon but with more granny smith apple and gin­ger and some flax oil
Lind­s’s ver­dict: “way bet­ter than yes­ter­day”
John’s ver­dict: “tastes the same”, “you’re just hun­gri­er”

Sun­day, 5pm:
Same home­made almond milk from yes­ter­day after­noon but with more dates
Lind­s’s ver­dict: “sooooo good”
John’s ver­dict: “it’s good”, “it’s deli­cious”

Sun­day, 9:30pm:
1/2 bunch pars­ley
3 sticks of cel­ery
1 cucum­ber
1 red bell pep­per
1 granny smith apple
Lind­s’s ver­dict: “pret­ty excel­lent, actu­al­ly”
John’s ver­dict: “I don’t know about excel­lent but it tastes like veg­etable juice”

I think we will do apple/beet/carrot juice in the morn­ing and then be done with it!

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Mini Juice Fast/Feast 2010: Day 1

Sat­ur­day, 10am:
4 Tan­ger­ines (blend­ed)
2 Beets (juiced)
Lind­s’s ver­dict: “yum­my”
John’s ver­dict: “tastes like dirty beets with a lit­tle bit of orange juice”, “liked it”

Sat­ur­day, 2pm:
4 car­rots
1 fuji apple
1/2 granny smith apple
1/2 lemon
1/2 bunch lac­in­to kale
1/4 cab­bage
bunch of fresh gin­ger
Lind­s’s ver­dict:
“meh”, “too much of some­thing I can’t iden­ti­fy”
John’s ver­dict: “noth­ing awe­some about it but not ter­ri­ble”

Sat­ur­day, 6:30pm:
Almond milk made with this recipe
1 banana
3 date
Some flax oil
Lind­s’s ver­dict:
“this is awe­some and we should make it all the time”
John’s ver­dict: “I like it”
Lind­s’s ver­dict at 11pm: “I’m hun­gry”

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New Years Fortune Cookie

If our New Years Eve and New Years Day were a for­tune cook­ie, this is what John told me it would say:

You are risk tak­ers. You are will­ing to take on risks to find hap­pi­ness.

What a crazy night, but I love that way of look­ing at it!

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